LR3 catching on rail blocks

first time building anything like this and I would like to say what a fantastic resource this forum has been throughout my build. However I have hit a brick wall with an issue and hoping someone can bail me out.
My side plate is not rolling cleanly over the conduit rail blocks to the point it binds when trying to move in the Y axis.
I have done the heel-toe measurements and did see a relatively large discrepancy of 5mm.
I tried adjusting via the 6 bolts attaching the plate to the beam but this didn’t seem to be able to alter the discrepancy in a meaningful way.
Having completely removed the side plates from the beam, I don’t see anything that would be preventing the plates from seating well. I also found that if I ran the plate along the Y beam freehand then it still caught the rail block (on the outside face) so maybe there are multiple issues here.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Are your XZ plates printed? Did they come out square?

Mine had a bit of warping. So I ended up shimming under them to make my toe/heel measurements the same. That did the trick for me. I didn’t need much. I think I cut up a yogurt container to get some thin plastic shims.

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Maybe some pictures might help to understand the issue better?
Did you check the tubes are fitted evenly?

They are printed yes but couldn’t see any warping.
I have shimmed it though as you suggested and that seems to have done the trick.
I’ll just not have to let the fact I have no idea what’s going on with it drive me too mad.

Thanks a lot for the advice.

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