LR3 Build with SKR PICO, Pi, and Klipper

Hello Everybody!

I have been casually assembling the LR3 since January and finally got my first cuts in last night. I will try and post updates, macros, and settings I find useful on my adventure to make this usable with Klipper. Sadly computer programing is not my forte…


great work getting it going!!

I had to bug everyone here to help me get it going… and its still not…

So can you explain to me the advantage of klipper? Sure I have heard of hype around it in the 3d printing world, especially when i was looking at a VORON or the LR3 as the next project ( I live on a boat so a VORON 0 would be good, but my brother offered me some space in his toyshed.) but as I run a PRUSA i havent bothered learning anything more.

Can you explain why you chose Klipper over say, FLID NC or the standard firmware?

So no great reasons other than I loved converting my Ender 3 Pro to the same set up. Liked the ability to control all via a browser and not recompile Marlin. Had an extra PICO board and wanted to see how it did with 4 steppers vs 5. Z-homing isnt great but hoping I could learn some Macros to program around the issue. As far as features, I loved the bed mesh or z height comp that it can do. I had amazing luck with the harmonic tuning for the Ender but not thinking Ill benefit very much with it for CNC work since the slower speeds. Finally it seemed like a fun tinkering challenge to learn some new stuff with.

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Thanks, keep us informed of you are fining it please.
I might even try it, one day.

Congrats on the beautiful new machine! And getting it working and making cuts!

Converting 3D printed YZ plates to MDF. More paint to come…


New board installed and all set up. Still need to revise the control box for this new boards screw pattern.

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How do you have those steppers wired? It looks like the are only three drivers.

On the Pico, it was 4 drivers with z1 being a duplicated. Leveling x axis was kind of a pain and the little board was getting quite hot so wanted to upgrade a bit. The new board has the new EZ 2209s and have a driver for each stepper.

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Klipper’s Z-Tilt configuration being proofed out. Added some springs to eliminate having to stick the touch plate under every time it homes z. How would yall improve this?

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Doug Joseph @DougJoseph just released a video on how he uses magnets, check that out for some inspiration, then report.back with waht you do!

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The aluminum tape is my go to method always flat and repeatable