LR3 Build with SKR PICO, Pi, and Klipper

Hello Everybody!

I have been casually assembling the LR3 since January and finally got my first cuts in last night. I will try and post updates, macros, and settings I find useful on my adventure to make this usable with Klipper. Sadly computer programing is not my forte…


great work getting it going!!

I had to bug everyone here to help me get it going… and its still not…

So can you explain to me the advantage of klipper? Sure I have heard of hype around it in the 3d printing world, especially when i was looking at a VORON or the LR3 as the next project ( I live on a boat so a VORON 0 would be good, but my brother offered me some space in his toyshed.) but as I run a PRUSA i havent bothered learning anything more.

Can you explain why you chose Klipper over say, FLID NC or the standard firmware?

So no great reasons other than I loved converting my Ender 3 Pro to the same set up. Liked the ability to control all via a browser and not recompile Marlin. Had an extra PICO board and wanted to see how it did with 4 steppers vs 5. Z-homing isnt great but hoping I could learn some Macros to program around the issue. As far as features, I loved the bed mesh or z height comp that it can do. I had amazing luck with the harmonic tuning for the Ender but not thinking Ill benefit very much with it for CNC work since the slower speeds. Finally it seemed like a fun tinkering challenge to learn some new stuff with.

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Thanks, keep us informed of you are fining it please.
I might even try it, one day.

Congrats on the beautiful new machine! And getting it working and making cuts!