LR3 Build - the megaman

Thanks for the information! Is there a true spindle supported meaning not a makita/bosch/dewalt router? I have a bosch router right now, but I was curious.

Side note, anyone have links for 3d printing a holder for the bosch colt router? Or should I get a makita?

No, the quality on the imports is hit or miss. The routers are amazing. Decent temps, quiet, speed controls, swap-able collets, plenty of power.

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Is the bosch an okay setup @vicious1 or do you recommend the makita?

Use what you have. That is the ideal size. All the palm routers are amazing.


Thanks. I only plan on doing hardwood and softwood for now. Maybe one day I will think of aluminum. So spindle is probably overkill for my needs.

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Already seen what Autonomous has been up to with his Bosch? Bosch 1617EVS tool mount for low rider 3

Edit: Nevermind, that’s a different Bosch. Still, he’s getting impressive results imo.

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I don’t think there is any spindle that will gain you anything other than more precise speed control. The palm routers have more than enough power and accuracy.

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Anyone know if this will work for the colt on the LR3: Printables

That mount is for the Primo, Different core than whats on the LR3

Thanks! Looks like I will be learning CAD for the bosch colt :joy:

If anyone has any pointers on this, I am all ears.

Is the diameter the exact same as any of the other routers there are already mounts for? If not, I would be really surprised if a mount does not already exist for it, did you search Printables?

An actual tip, if you follow the cad link for the blank mount it should just be changing the one dimension for the diameter of the large hole in the blank mount. Worst case the dust shoe height would also need to be edited be you won’t really know until after you print it.

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When I measure the diameter it is sitting at 70.5mm. I found these two dust boots: Remix of Bosch Colt Dust Boot to make one part by GeoDave - Thingiverse and CNC Router Spindle Dust Collection Boot by Shipwreck0316 - Thingiverse. Not sure if this will work with the LR3.

@jamiek made a mount though which I found to attach it to the core: LR3 Generic Mount by Jamie | Download free STL model | I have printed those and they seem like they will work. I will attach some pictures.

I don’t think either one of those dust boots will work.

Give the edit a try, then you will have a custom dust boot. Printables

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Well, prototype is on the mk3s+. We will see how it fits once it finishes printing! This is when I wish I had a voron


Did you happen to make a remix that would fit on the mks3+ that will fit the skr 1.2 control board and a pi @DougJoseph ? I saw a smaller one to fit the mini, but not one with integrated rpi support. I was able to score a pi from

Here is a link to a collection with my LR3 control box remixes:

There are two in there that included space for a Raspberry Pi.

This one:

LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for Raspberry Pi 4b, BTT SKR Pro 1.2 board, and BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.3.3)

and this one:

LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo board, Raspberry Pi 4b, and BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.3.5b)

If neither of those will work, maybe explain why and what change is needed.

@DougJoseph They are too tall. I can only print 250x210x210 and smaller on the mini+. Looks like if I look at the size of the part, they are both 272.50mm long. Is there any way to remix it smaller to fit the pi still?