LR3 Brace Printing Orientation

Could someone help me understand what is meant by this statement on the LR3 printed parts documentation?

“Brace note- Print the end two braces with 50% infill and oriented so you can have the top facing out on each end, and the rest with 30%.”

The attached image shows the default orientation…is this ok for the interior braces and the end ones be printed with face 1 on the build plate?

Yes, then print another with the other face down. That gives you the two outer braces with “TOP” flat faces out to help with any printer bed distortions.

Thanks for the info Ryan! So by “top faces” just want to make sure you mean face 1 in the picture right?

No, the surface opposite the bed. Like flipping a pancake. That is the surface that the plate attaches to.

Ohhh I think I just had a light bulb. You mean basically the surface that the XZ plate mounts to should be facing up instead of on the build plate? So flipped like a pancake from default orientation. In my head I was thinking the surface for the strut plate and couldn’t figure out how to make that work lol.

Thanks for the help Ryan!

One on each face, so you have two different ones. Have a look at the instructions for that part and it might make more sense.


ok I know I’m late to the game here but I’m finally getting around to printing the LR3 parts and I’m still a bit confused on this point.
I’m probably being pedantic but should I just flip the brace over or should I mirror it? The reason I’m asking is there’s a very small chamfer on the bottom of the brace in the default orientation that’s not on the default top side. So, if I just flip it, the new bottom won’t have the chamfer.

Just thought I’d clarify as I’m running out of some of the filament my son picked out for the color scheme :slight_smile:

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Mirror would work, nice catch, I thought I had a chamfer on both sides.