LR2 CNC MPTH (Multi Purpose Tool Holder

I liked a lot of the different mount options for additional accessories for the LR2, so i made a new mount up that can take different tools.


Check it out on thingiverse,


I have made a mount for an eBay diode laser and a drag knife. Will sort out a pen mount and maybe a generic bolt pattern when i get some time.


That mounting choice is neat. I haven’t seen anyone use those bolts before. Why not make the mating end the same geometry as the mpcnc? There are dozens of things mounted to that.

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Thanks, Thats a good idea.

I haven’t really looked into the MPCNC side of things as I went straight for a LR2 build.

I did see the auto tool changer for the MPCNC and though that was pretty neat. If anything, that would be pretty cool to adapt it too.
I think at this stage I’ll finish the pen mount off an make a generic bolt hole plate for anyone to use.

Maybe down the track once i get more across the software side and have some more time on my hands, i think about incorporating the auto tool change as that will be next level. My biggest issue is the arduino coding side of things.

I am having enough trouble with trying to setup Z max end stops for auto squaring at the moment. I can make Z min work, but dont have enough clearance for doing Z min. Currently i have to manually adjust the steppers or place spacers (blocks of wood) under the X rails before powering down. I find that 1 Z leadscrew goes down more freely than the other and always results in being uneven when powering on again.


I’d love to help out where I can for the tool changer. One of the weaknesses is that it eats up usable build space, which is less of an issue for LR2 than for MPCNC.

I haven’t begun to think about the specifics of how this would work. Let me know when you get to that point.

I wouldn’t think space for the tool changer would be much of an issue with a Low Rider, you can just put the tools off the end of the table since you only need to get to one edge of them in order to pick them up. I visualize a row of tools there and moving in sideways to line up with the correct one. There would be an issue with a heavy tool perhaps, since the tool would be mounted at the edge of the plate instead of in the middle area of the plate. Maybe with more bracing on the tool holder backing?


Very nice design. When you post the generic mounting plate would you consider posting the solid model as well? I have tried modifying your Laser Mount stl to mount at needle cutter. My limited modeling skills in Onshape have not been good enough to make it happen.

The model will allow easy modification to mount anything.

Thanks for sharing this!


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There seems to be a problem with the thingiverse download file. Does anyone have the stl files and can they please share them?

I’ll share them when I turn on my PC. I had an issue with the tolerances being way too tight and had to do a ton of sanding to get the mount to function. Very well could have to do with how I printed. I really like the design and want to make a pen mount for it too.

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Thank you very much, Robert. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently i just downloaded the single files i wanted and not the complete zip file. This is what i have and hopefully its useful.

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You’re right, the individual discharge still works, I hadn’t tried it like that.

Thank you very much, Robert.

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I printed with a Prusa i3Mk3 and it came out with a very nice fit.


One day I’ll have my prusa mini, hopefully it’ll be more reliable than the printer I’m using now


LR2 Universal Tool Holder (148.3 KB)

.iges file of the whole assembly


Heres my laser mount :slight_smile:



Oh no, the duct tape fell off!

Honestly, that is a great solution. I would zip tie on 2-3 more zip ties next to it, so I always had a few if I needed to remove it.


EXTRA ZIP TIES???..thats wasteful Jeff :-)…I left the sucky pipe off so I could remove the zip tie and save it for the next lasering job… :recycle:

Reusable Zip Ties

Next you’re going to tell me there is reusable floss.

Challenge accepted.

Well, technically, any floss could be reused, you just probably don’t want to.

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