Lowrider2 none of the bin files work

Hi. I have completely built the lowrider 2. I have purchased from V1 the skr1.4 display and motor drivers. 5160 which seemed the best bet. I have configured all the jumpers and the motors move with the default file that came with the skr board.
However I have tried every bin file on the web site and none of them work. everyone stops the stepers from moving.
When I try to edit the files, they are all too old for the latest Platformio and upgrading the files seems very daunting, I have tried but got nowhere.
I am very frustrated that I have suposidly done all the hard stuff, ie making the lowrider and I am stuck on a simple part.
I thought maybe the skr board was faulty, so I purchased a skr turbo board and went through all the process of getting the display to work with it, but eventually I have now ended up with exactly the same problem.
Where is the correct BIN file.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where did you get old firmware? The latest should be in the marlinbuilder releases page. The firmware for the SKR 1.4 is listed as “untested” but probably works.

I didn’t think that Ryan sold the SKR 1.4, only the SKR Pro 1.2 (Which is, as it happens a newer board. SKR’s revision numbering is weird.)

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TBH I have tried every one of the bin files. Currently I have a skr turbo. Whos ryan - is that the ausie dood who did the video, his files are old and doesn;t even have a bin file, I tried contacting him but got no answer. Or is Ryan someone completely different.

And actually, after reading my own post, I thought I would have another go at editing the files, and the file “Marlin_V1CNC_SkrTurbo_DualLR_8825_2.0.7.2_510-src” does let me edit it, so maybe I can work out how to alter it so it works with the 5160 driver boards. That is what I am atempting now, but a bin file already done would be better.

In this context, Ryan (@vicious1 ) is the designer and engineer of the MPCNC, LowRider, and MP3DP products and the sole proprietor of the V1 Engineering factory and online store.


aka @vicious1 as in the guy who is V1 Engineering.

Ok, it probably would be nice to have an already compiled firmware for every possible combination of boards that anyone might randomly choose…

I’m curious as to why you thought that the SKR 1.4 Turbo and the 5160 drivers would be the best choice. I haven’t heard of other builds using this combination myself.

You said you bought it from the V1 store… V1 sells the SKR Pro 1.2 with TMC2209 drivers, and the RAMBo 1.4 (With built-in drivers) RAMPS 1.4 boards (And clones) with DRV8825 drivers are community supported as-is. There are also the 12864 displays sold there, but that’s got little to do with the firmware.

The SKR Turbo boards only have “untested” firmware listed, though that does mean that someone went through the time to build it, so it’s at least tested to install, and probably move the machine.

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That page lists the firmware we have and the level of support. There is a Turbo version, but it is for drv8825 drivers and a different LCD. You can start with that firmware, but none of our BIN files are even close to what you bought. You will need to edit and recompile on your own. The nice thing is the whole Marlin folder is there so you do not have to change everything…but you will still need to change a fair amount to work with what you bought.

Ok, so here is what happened. I saw this video on youtube from and australian guy. He made this CNC from V1 Engineering with a few changes to it, he made it with ramps but then later said it is much beter with the skr 1.4 which actually might be the 1.3 it was a while ago. And he furthur recomended the 5160s. He said that the best place to buy os from V1, and the files needed were all on his youtube chanel. It all looked great, and I made the miostake of building all the hardware first, so I didnlt find out that his software was out of date and didn’t include the bin file, which is extreamly annoying.
I definitly bought all the stuff from v1, but later on when I couldn’t get it to work I bought locally a turbo board, and the reason for that was because the skr 1.4 (or 1.3) was no longer available but the turbo was supposed to be a beter board.
I have had a look at the files and I have a big learning curve ahead of me, but I am sure I can figure it out now that I have an up to date file.
Appologies for not knowing who Ryan was.


No worries, just a dude that makes things. If I named it the RyanCNC…then we might have problems. :laughing: (P.S. I’m Ryan).

That is the negative to a video like that. He made some changes to use what he had on hand…and used a resistor that we hadn’t used in years. So there has been a bunch of confusion ever since, you are not the only one.

That said the video is awesome and you found us. We can help just start with the base file and change out the LCD type, and drivers (the drivers are in both config and config adv files). Give it a shot, if you get stuck post details and screen shots and someone can help guide you to get you going.


Teaching Tech had that video. That was quite a while ago now, unfortunately, and the firmware broke almost right away with platformio. But the stuff in MarlinBuilder releases does work right away.

We don’t have any configurations for TMC5160s though. So that is an uphill battle. But at least you’re starting from something that builds. It can be done. It will just take some effort.

Worst case, consider ordering drv8825s (don’t forget to adjust the trim pot on top for the current setting) or ordering 2209s and a Skr Pro 1.2 from Ryan’s shop.

For the record, some of the untested ones came from someone that did configure marlin, set it up, test it on their machine. But some of the combinations have probably never been installed. For example, the skr turbo V1CNC has probably been installed by someone, but not the MP3DP version. And when change the version of Marlin we base it on, we don’t test all 50 combinations. They all build, but not tested on a board.

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Hi Ryan.
Would I not be correct in saying that the 5160 is a newer replacement for the 2209?

Yes good idea, so I tried that. Guess what, out of stock ??!!?! LOL.

No. The 5160 is the newer form of 2130. They are both spi and the 5160 can handle more current.

The 2209 is the newer form of 2208. They are both uart and the 2209 can handle more current.

I have no idea why they have those number. They are very confusing. I first saw the 5160 and 2209 at about the same time.

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OK, Im back and still as confused as ever. I have tried doing what ryan has said, ie altering the turbo board 8850 to a turbo board using 5160, and failed.
This is what I did. I downloaded the file marlin 2.0 - mpcnc lowrider2 - skr v1.3 tmc5160. and also downloaded the V1CNC_SkrTurbo_DualLR_8825 and I have edited out the files configuration.h and configuration_adv.h on the last file (the vi engineering one) and replace the relevant parts refering to the 5160 instead of the 8825. There was infact only 7 lines of code.
I then re comiled the file and flashed the turbo board. It took it, as the file now has a file extension of cur on the sd card. But still nothing happens.
Rewinding slightly, when I got the board and the motor drivers, using the firware that came with the board, it all worked. IE I could go to the display and move the motors, so I know all the wiring and the display are all ok, it was only when I reflashed the board that it stopped working. Any help or pointers would be fantastic.

Additionally, I have tried connecting with my laptop to the usb, so bypassing the display altogether, and still cant even move the motors. It communicated fine.

You might also compare to the skr pro 2209 version. There are some tmc specific settings.

You also need to change the jumpers. The 5160 talks over spi.

You need to power the motor drivers.

You can send M122 to see if Marlin is talking to the drivers correctly.

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Yes, but as I said the motors were working before I flashed it. So the jumpers and power etc should all be ok, shouldn’t it.
OK I’ll try to use the pro 2209 version and change the 7 lines of code refering to the 5160 and see if that works…

You can’t use the pro firmware on a turbo board. I was just suggesting looking at it for changes.

If you haven’t found it already, meld is a great tool for seeing the difference between two text files.

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ok but surely the pro 2209 has in fact got nothing in common with a turbo 5160??

The setting for tmc are common between the two. Current, diagnostics, disabling steathchop…

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