Lowrider2 cut to table

When I want to configure estlcam so that my lowrider2 cuts a square, I configure the entire diameter of the tool, the distance that the thickness of the material will go down, and when I take the gcode file to the machine, I leave the tool almost touching the material. I make the lowrider2 work, it lowers me the whole tool thoroughly and cuts me to the table. I don’t understand why it does that. And the other thing is to know how to let the lowrider2 know the size of my table

You probably want to add the G92 X0 Y0 Z0 to the start of the gcode. That will set the zero before starting movement.


Thanks Jeffeb, the information you gave me helped me, now it cuts as it should. I have another question, I am using Estlcam, I have to make a piece that has internal holes and an external cut. How is it done to be able to do that, is it done in 2 gcode files or just one gcode file?

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Usually just one.

I like to split jobs up if I need to do a bit change. But with just one bit, I put as much in as I can.

That’s what I don’t know how to do in estlcam. How do I select the inner holes and start with those and then make the outer cut. Is it possible to see a video of how it is done?

Christian’s Estlcam 8 the "Toolpath Properties" Window (English) - YouTube video coveres a lot of ground pretty fast, slowing it down (Shift + less/greater than keys) and rewinding (Shift + left/right arrow keys) can help. To start w/ the inner holes, select them and click on the machining order box to set them to 10 (default). Do the same thing with the outside cut and it will be set to 20 by default.

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I have had pretty good luck letting it decide the machining order. You can see what order it is using in the preview. It usually does holes before the parts. I always use holding tabs though.

Jeffeb3. Could you guide me? My lowrider 2 is doing the jobs for me bigger than they are, if I make a 100x100mm square it makes it 112X112mm. How can I regulate that? Will I have to change the steps? And another thing that happens to me is that when doing a Home the X and Y axes work fine but the Z starts to go up and doesn’t stop, I noticed if the Z axis on the screen is always at 200mm, maybe that’s why when doing Home do that to me? How can I let it not go up so much. Also when I have the X or Y axis on one side of the table and I do Home they cannot reach the end of the race and it indicates an error on the screen. Could it be because of the size of my work table that is greater than what can be configured? I hope you can help me clear my doubts or anyone who is encouraged to answer me, thanks. I’ve been standing for a long time without being able to use my beautiful lowrider 2 with this theme. Thanks.

It will go up until both endstops are triggered. Check with M119 first, to check the endstops are working properly. The configured size of the Z is 200mm, so that is where it thinks when it reaches the top. But it doesn’t matter, because the probe or G92 Z0 is how you set the bit to the top of the work piece, not the homing sequence. The Z homing is just to automatically make it square.

That’s exactly right. You could change the config and recompile, but I would just make a mark on your spoil board and jog it over the mark before homing. That is the easy workaround.

That is a strange offset. Everything should be very close, or off by 25% or 200%. Did you get all your parts from V1? If you had a 20T pulley, you would have 125x125mm squares. Or if you manually changed the steps per mm, then it could be off. The number of steps per mm should be very round, like 100.0, unless you are doing very fine tuning to 100.25 or something. 85 is a sign something else is wrong.

Thanks for your answers. Everything has worked for me, the difference in size, I made the file again and it did it correctly, the truth is I don’t know what it could have been, I’m sure I had it wrong in some way. But something strange happened to me that didn’t happen the first time. I’m using a 3mm tool and the pattern has 3 3mm holes but he made them bigger for me and the first time I made the pattern he made them the correct size. And in addition to that, now he did the job very quickly for me, the feed was kind of slowed down, which caused a lot of wasting of the material and a little deformation in the cuts compared to the previous time and I don’t know where I can handle that.