Lowrider2 3.5 watt blue laser...

I have added a Eleksmaker 3.5 watt TTL blue laser to my 52x82 cutting area Lowrider2.

Below is a video of the wiring.


[attachment file=106731]



Hi wayne here could you explain the mapping sequence I have the same setup but cannot get ttl working, basically fan on or off does work but not as expected
Cheers wayne

I’m using an M42 command on a PWM capable pin with RAMPS and Marlin.

Thank you got it working with M106 and M107, on a rambo mini cheers

TTL is 5 volts off of an endstop pin. It is all documented on the website.

I’m a newb, trying to wire up the laser module. Can I ask where you got the two stranded wire with the two pin connector that went from the ttl on the laser board to fan 2 on the rambo? Did you make that wire? If so, where did you get the connectors? For clarification, I have the exact same laser as you, but I have the rambo v1.4 board. I’d also be interested in the laser module housing that you printed in your videos if you’ve posted it anywhere. Thank you sir!

I am running a Rambo mini on a Lowrider2. I’m not sure about the mpcnc wiring. The two pin wire came off a car alarm led.

Oh no I’m wiring up a lowrider2 also. Also, I’m asking about the plug on that two pin wire. Did that plug come from a car alarm?

Yes. The led had the two pin white plug on it. Was an older Viper led.

Ok, how about the resistor? It’s a 1k ohm resistor I see, but how many watts?

And for anybody looking in the future, it looks like the white plug we were talking about is a JST connector with 2mm spacing. Correct me if I’m wrong.