Lowrider wiring question

I am at the point now were i need to wire everything together and turn the power on. This is were i dont have a lot of experience doing this type of stuff. do you guys have any advice?

I always have advice. Are you looking for general wiring advice or specific wiring instructions for the low rider?


This shows you how to make sure it is moving in the right direction. Then you can tape a pen to it and try drawing the crown.

i have never wired a mini rambo before and just want to make sure i am putting everything in the right location. Also how tight should the belts be? thanks guys!

Here is a picture of all the pieces that came with the bundle i got. just not sure how some of this goes together. I know the gray cable goes in the red piece on the left and that plugs into the LCD, but i dont know where it plugs into the mini rambo. Also the power supply has a red and white wire, i know where it goes, but which port do i screw it into?


Let me know if you have any questions this doesn’t answer.

i feel like an idiot. didn’t realize there was this page of info. ty Ryan

Not at all. You made me realize it is not linked on the LowRider page. Working on all of that over the next few days.

what success have you guys had with vacuum hose for the dust collect? all the hoses i see, seem really stiff.

It gets looped, I just bought extra that fits mine. Barry mounted his on an arm. You have options.

I look to the forms try to answer this but was having a hard time finding it. Issue I’m having now is that my Z access moves in opposite directions of each other. I put two blocks on both sides to set it so to be equal but when I go to move it they move in opposite directions.

That software link I gave you earlier has the answer at the bottom of the page “flip the plug”. If it’s going the wrong way you need to power down and flip one of the plugs over and you’ll be good.

That was it. Thanks Ryan

Vac hose arm.

Google Photos

Ty Barry. i got everything moving correctly last night and i will attempt to print the crown tonight.

so i am trying to figure out why my Z is making the noise it is, i checked all the barrings and they moving, but it sounds like it is grinding or something. thoughts?



lol. that what i thought, just wanted to ask before i apply it.

Yep lube.

found the problem, my table is just a little to big and it was the vertical pipes rubbing on the wood as it moved.