Lowrider V3 Update

Well, I finally have made some more head way on the LR3. Thanks to Doug’s patience and help I have finally drawn a crown!

So before I get to carried away here let me give a bit of detail on my build. At first I had started printing my own parts for the LR3 but I wanted to start building it right away. I decided to purchase all the Parts from the website. That included printed parts, hardware, jackpot, probe and some end mills. I bought the makita router to begin with but once the kobalt router came out I purchased that.
I wanted a nice table, something sturdy and that would last. Also something I could weld to and modify as I see fit. I have a buddy that fabricated and builds custom parts for old VW bugs. I told him what I wanted and so he built a table out 2x2 1/8 wall square tubing. I can’t remember off the top of my head but I’m pretty sure the table is 6x9. It should have been just a little longer but for now it is fine. The gantry I bought 5ft stick of conduit and just used those as is. My spoil board is 3/4 MDF.

The LR3 was a blast to build and if I had room I’d build a few more. For now though it’s time to get proficient at using it and upgrade as I see fit.


So I found real quick that the spoil board needs to be surfaced. It isn’t very flat lol.