LowRider V3 Tutorial Question

I do not understand the following paragraph in the tutorial on LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation

  • Measure the heel and toe distances across your machine, make sure they are equal. If not adjust the end clamps.

1.) What distance exactly should I measure “From heel to toe”? The distance between the rails and the table on the complete length and check if they are equal?

2.) And what kind of end clamps is the tutorial talking about? The plastic clamps that are holding the 2 shorter rails together?


I believe it refers to the distance across X between the front of your YZs and the rear to ensure they are parallel. If they are \ / or / \ when looking from above you might need to adjust the end clamps that connect the YZ to the X rail


Am I right that you mean these distances?


My understanding of LR3 anatomy and doc interpretation was…


That is the way I use those terms.


Yes that’s what I take it to mean too.


Great question!
Keep it up @CNCMaker


Just measured mine and they are off by about 3/16" But only the fronts clamp to the tubes. So how do you change the heel/toe angles to bring them parallel?

Thought this through a bit. The key is in the back strut plate here isn’t it? :man_facepalming:

Or maybe not. Had another look at the machine. Am I in need of some washers/spacers where the plates attach to the end clamps?

I used a square to check each strut brace (in two axis) before tightening the screws, with particular attention to the end braces.

After connecting the gantry to the XZ plates, my heel/toe measurement was within <1mm over a 1545mm span.

Thanks. I’ll see what I can do with just the end struts/braces and if need be can backtrack further.