Lowrider V3 cut

Is it normal this cuts on the corners? And the center?

I’m using 3,125mm, 1400/m min, rotation 1400.

Thank you very much!
José Gonçalves

If you enabled dogbones then the corners look like they should, at least the general ideal. It looks as if something is definitely wrong with Z. Did you lube your leadscrews?

I’d say it looks like a carve tool path but the corners are too vertical.

I didn’t enabled anything, I attached a picture.

I did lube for a while, I’ll to lubricate again e test.


If would help if you said what software you’re using. That picture doesn’t show the toolpaths.

Obligatory reminder to check your grubscrews.

Another quick test is (with the steppers engaged) give the core a wiggle back and forth in at directions to see if there’s any slop or backlash.

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Then it shouldn’t look like this. :smiley:

I was testing with Aspire.

I lube again and it’s ok.

Thank you all for the help.


Z depth can look like that if the material is being pulled upwards. This can happen with an upcut bit (like most are.)

The bulged corners can be CAM. It looks too consistent to be skipping steps, most mechanical issues wont just be corners like that. I don’t use Aspire, so not much I can say, but if you didn’t enable anything, did you disable it?

Loose belts can do some funny things that look like backlash, but that doesn’t look like it to me.

More information needed.

1400 millimeters per minute?

What depth of cut per pass?

The dogbone shapes look a lot like software added features to me. They are consistent on every inside corner. I would open the gcode in a gcode viewer and see if they are there. I have never used aspire.

Are you doing a separate roughing and finishing pass? If you do that, the roughing pass leaves 0.1mm or so and then the finishing pass comes around and is extremely precise because there is no load.

I doing 2mm depth.

I’m not doing a finish pass.

I lube everything and tested, and it looks good.