Lowrider v3 colors

Not sure if this is the correct platform to ask this. I’m keen on buying the complete parts kit for the lowrider CNC, is it possible to order the 3d printed parts in a color of my choice?

I believe Ryan has stated before that LR3 parts come in all black only


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Great, thank you.

Yeah sorry, it would take a ton of time to swap colors around. I prefer to do it that way but there are too many different parts that are interchangeable.

Yeah, you’d have to wait until he hires a print monkey to handle the filament changes (and have you priced decent bananas lately? In California?). Until then, he’s the uber-monkey, doing it all on his own.

Your profile pic is a monkey. At least Lemures used to be called half-monkeys!

Primate, yes. Monkey, no. The primate branch forks between lemurs and monkeys/apes/humans. They are about as far from us as you can get, and still be called a primate.

Note that this is dredging up 30+ year old college biology, since I’m about to start up Starfield, and can’t be bothered to actually look it up at the moment… :wink: