Lowrider V2 to MPCNC conversion

This may be in the forums somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. After not using my lowrider to do the large projects I envisioned, I would like to downsize it. I was wondering if it would be better to convert it to an MPCNC or just a smaller lowrider. The MPCNC looks like it would be more rigid, but that may not be true. Anyway, if I was to convert it to an MPCNC, what additional parts would I need? Other than the printed parts.

Depends on what you mean by downsizing? I run my LR at 2’x4’ and still rarely use much of that.

The conversion other than printed parts and some hardware would also need 6mm belts and pulleys.

My current setup is 4x8. Looking to go to around 30" or 36" square.


Stick with the LR and maybe make it a rectangle with those dimensions, long axis should be the table.