Lowrider v2 flat parts

Hello all…

Imblooking for the files for the lowrider v2 for the flat parts only… I Havent been able to dig them up anywhere :frowning:

Im interested in using the files to get the flat parts made out alluminum to straighten these wheels outs

The DXF files are available with the printed parts on thingiverse or printables. I do believe they are even linked directly in the instructions.

You know that paying for a machine shop to make them isn’t allowed under the open source licence?

If you want aluminium plates they’re available in Ryan’s shop.

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Not for the LR2, are they?

Oh sorry you’re right there’s not LR2 plates available, my bad.


When i checked the thingverse parts for the files… The only flat parts in the zip file were for the router… Not the y plates :frowning:

Not sure which one you want but the link from the instructions is still valid.