Lowrider update

Well it’s been a minute. I’ve been crazy busy with other projects for people. I’m finally done and can focus on the Lowrider again. I finally got the spoil board put on my table and went ahead and bought the Kobalt router. It was honestly a pain getting that thing mounted. The makitas spindle housing is slightly smaller than the kobalts. I turned the Jackpot board on and no smoke lol. Everything was wired up correctly. I homed all the axes and that’s as far as I’ve got lol. Have to figure the rest of it out.


I struggled with that too. In the end, it was far easier to put the mounts around the router before attaching it to the core.


I did the same thing as well, just pulled mounts off and slide them around the router.

Congrats on the progress!

Boot up the Jackpot, and on your phone, or tablet, look for a Wifi option for “FluidNC” and connect to it.

Point your browser on the phone, or tablet, to

That should bring up the WebUI for FluidNC. From there you are off to the races.