Lowrider under bench?

I know I’m still just finishing up building my MPCNC and who knows if and when I may get around to building a lowrider but I saw this build and it got me thinking. I want a lowrider that can do full 4 x 8 sheets of plywood but it takes up so much space and I don’t know if I would want to use it as a workbench when not in use.

So, has anyone thought about making a work bench where the lowrider would run on a lower “shelf” and then still have a very large workbench top over the top of it? That way it could be running below while I use the workbench above it.

I imagine some concerns could be that you run into it, or it runs into you, while standing/sitting at the workbench or the difficulty of dealing with the material because it would be so low.

I’m just curious to hear your thoughts or concerns about doing this. It would still be a long time coming but I just can’t help planning and looking forward to my next project/build.

I don’t think I’d want it under a bench but why not on top?

I don’t see why you couldn’t build your bench, then build the LR on a separate table that can be raised by a manual or electric winch to the ceiling. When you need it, just lower it, when you put it up, cover it. Like having two benches in the same shop. More real estate too!

I think under would be fine. Ergonomically, it would be a pain, but I have to clean it off every time I want to use it.

FWIW, the LR leaves the table top pretty unobstructed when you’re not using it. As long as you can clean it off, you can get pretty good use out of the table.

I would do this if I had more than an 8 foot ceiling height. I would hit my head on it way too many times.

I just don’t want to be without a work bench any time I want to run the lowrider. I just thought it would be a way to have and use both at the same time.

Sounds like a plan.

I think this would probably be a good idea, if you could address a few things:

  • The build up of sawdust
  • Having room to reach in and screw down the materials to secure them
  • Ensuring the lowrider is inset underneath the table bench. (ie. would not want to run the lowrider on the same sized shelf as the top otherwise the Y carriages will get in the way or you'll bump them, so would want to ensure they are well under there so no accidents happen).
  • If you use the dust shoe on the lowrider, is there much sawdust buildup?
  • That's a good thought, I think as long as there is enough room between the lowrider and the bench top then I could reach in fine to screw it down.
  • This crossed my mind as well. The bench top would definitely need to have a decent overhang. I would have to model this all out before I started anything.
Thanks. I'm hoping any issues can be brought up now so I can account for them by the time I maybe get around to building this.

There’s still some chip buildup, the vac can’t catch it all, but it’s not as bad as running without the vac.

I’m partway through a build of a table that can do full sheets and hinge vertically against an 8 foot wall.
I should be posting some pics in a couple weeks if it all doesn’t end in disaster :slight_smile:


If it ends in disaster, please post pics :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this and this could maybe work for me too but I haven’t seen someone actually make one yet. I look forward to seeing it.

Haha… at least it will have some entertainment value :slight_smile:


Everything is a learning experience, unless someone dies. Then it’s time for a warning sign.

Actually, the goal is to put in the warning sign just before someone dies, not just after. Kind of like 'just trim it until it’s too small, then back off a bit".

Every experience is a learning experience, just not always for the person experiencing it…

I know I am coming into the conversation late…

If you could put it under the table, and be able to raise your workbench for easy access, OR, put it above your workbench and have it ‘tilt’ out of the way when not needed (possibly making the bottom of a think torsion box at the back fo your workbench). Depending on how much you plan to use it, this might work well.

I’m creating a table that will go to the ceiling when the LowRider is unused. An other way to deal with the lack of space.