Lowrider SKR PRO Bed size

Hi All,

A newby so don’t shoot me directly if I made faults in searching :wink:

I have searched and find some stuff but not the complete package.

I have build the Lowrider 3 and all is working.
If I home ALL I get an error message system halted.
Looks like the bed size is incorrect.
What I have found so far is that I have to change the bedside in Configuration.h

I have unzipped the Marlin_V1CNC_SKRPro*.zip, found the Configuration.h, found the Bedzise values and saved the Configuration.h file.

But now I’m stuck how do I get this into the machine ?
Do I need to zip the folder again rename it to firmware.bin and load in in the SKR?

Please help !

Don’t worry, we don’t shoot folks around here. We may mock you later, after we get to know you better, and help you get things straightened out. But not until after you’re up and running, and probably not until you mock yourself first.

I’m just here as a placeholder, and to let you know that Jeffe or Barry or maybe Ryan will be along shortly to answer your question. (Or someone else, the tech support department keeps horrible records).

And to let you know to expect the initiation materials… :candle: :goat: :candle: I’m also the resident ritual master. :japanese_ogre:

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If you home within the bed size it already has, it will home fine. So that should be your first workaround.

If you want to edit that value, the src code (what was inside the zip) needs to be compiled. For that, you need a working version of platformio. Follow those instructions and try to build the code without changing the bed size first. If that works, then change it, compile again and it will create a firmeware.bin file you can put on the sdcard. I know the source code you downloaded will compile (or the script wouldn’t have uploaded it). So start with that before changing anything, just to verify your tools.

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Ok I’ll give that a try!

Isn’t their an easier way to tell the system what the bed size is?
(Isn’t their a way to set it by terminal or g-code? (Similar to setting steps p/mm)

Thanks for the answers!

No. We really should ask for that. It seems like it wouldn’t be hard to set by gcode. But I bet it gets fed into a couple of equations that are currently computed at compile time.

Did the compile and updated the board.
All seems to be working now.

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