LowRider parts - questions

Hello all, sorry, I’m new to the topic, besides I do not live in the US, not everything is clear to me.
Please, can someone add the exact dimensions of:
AXLE SPACERS - dimensions ?
URETHANE WHEELS - internal dimensions ?
1inX ss tube Y - length and thickness ?
1inZ ss tube Z - length and thickness ?
Al Angle (optional for wires/hose) - what is this?
GT2 BELT - ordered connected, or cuts and somehow connect :slight_smile:

Spacers-8mm ID, OD doesn’t matter, length to fit your wheels. Standard inline skate spacers work well if you get inline skate wheels

Wheels, 60mm OD inline skate wheels work best.

Length to fit you build calculators on the assembly page. ID doesn’t matter but this is on the parts page “These parts only for 25.4mm OD tubing for now, I recommend .065″ wall thickness stainless steel.”

Angle to hold your hose and wires.

Belt? If you order it from me it comes in a continuous piece, if you get it elsewhere, you should do the same.

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