Lowrider is complete

Well, I finally “finished” the Lowrider. I need to wipe the table down and put a coat of clear on it so it doesn’t rust. I forgot to cut off the 6in of conduit that was left hanging in the end. Got a little excited I guess lol. I also need to get a spoil board. Other than those little things it is done. I kind of wish it wasn’t now though. I really enjoyed it. I plan on building a ZenXY and also a little cnc using an old 3D printer and a jackpot board. I also had to see if my truck would still fit in the garage lol, thankfully it does!


Nice work!! I’m just starting to get mine put together. That’s a good fit with the truck! You can’t get any cars in my garage, but that is also my primary workshop, so…yeah…

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Looks great! :smiley:

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Nice work!

In the future if you do any upgrades, consider adding supports as shown here, which both support the middle and help prevent racking, and perhaps some “anti sway” bars between the legs in the axis perpendicular to what’s shown here. Spoil board plus materials can be weighty.

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