Lowrider in Taylorsville Utah

Hello everybody. Project started. This one is designed to have a cut area of 2 feet by 4 feet. I’ve learned some cool stuff from this design so I’m having fun.

I purchased the kit last year but never got time to work on it. Last weekend I decommissioned my Shapeoko mod and put together the lowrider.

The photo was taken about 5 minutes before the cheap (Amazon) 8825’s blew up. I swapped out the kit’s 12V supply for a 24V supply (left over from the Shapeoko) and after about 5 minutes of running I let the magic smoke out. (I was running a test box pattern and one of the 8825s exploded, literally.) The 4988’s from the old machine work fine in this machine at 24V.




I am in Sandy Utah and am also building a Low Rider 2 I am a real beginner but it there is anything I can do to help feel free to ask.

I am in Sandy Utah and am also building a Low Rider 2 I am a real beginner but it there is anything I can do to help feel free to ask.

Did you re-adjust the pots?

I’m here in riverton, just powered on all the motors today for the firs time! What a cool device we’ve stumbled upon.


I’m down in Spanish Fork and will be starting my build soon.


Hey Dewy, Your Build looks very clean. I am just about to start printing all my stuff but I want to pick up my SS pipes tomorrow before I comit to the 3d printers. I am here in Vegas. I certainly would not mind helping anyone in the area. I want to make Fuses for my RC planes. Basically create a plug then take that and do minimal sanding and finishing to create molds for the various R/C airplanes I love to fly. I just learned about the MPCNC’s last night and I have all the electronics and stuff ordered already. lol. Now i just need to count up my 5/16 bolts ect and see what else is needed. How is the flex in the middle of the table regarding the Z plane. I plan on using the lowrider to make sculpted sections. If it is rigid enough I plan attempting to make full half’s of my fuses with out layers. Well take care and it looks great.

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Dewey I’m in the process of building the same cnc low rider. I could use some help, I am located in West Valley City. If you would please contact me at vann_solo at yahoo dot com.
Harry vanSoolen

Super late reply. I did check the voltages on the pots when I first powered on. They were fine.

I might be able to help. Work has become a real monster so I haven’t had time to get the needle cutter going. I do have all axis running though.

What’s up?

not sure if you got my email but was wondering if I could come over and take a look at your installation. I need to know which control board and software you are using and wiring. I still have to order that and not sure what to get. Anyway any help would be appreciated.
Harry vS