Lowrider in Joshua TX

Morning all, been building and learning how to use the Lowrider for last few weeks, very cool tech, this is my first time using a CNC. So far so good, especially now that I put the parts on the right way :).

Home built table with a 4’ x 8’ working area, unistrut tracks, stainless tube, using the Rambo and LCD on the machine, and now setting up a mini PC and touch screen. Looking forward to many exciting projects.

I am looking for someone who can 3d print the case for the rambo board and LCD, I don’t have a printer.


Cutting away, finding challenges with the table and my lack of experience, but figuring it out and production continues.

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Table looks quite rigid.

Thanks, need to make some changes to the top, as the boards have dried out they are moving a little too much, thinking about building box beams for the long sides and then inlay some 1" foam for the cutting surface, would allow for quickly surfacing and make it easier on the machine when through cutting

Got the first big job done, 72 pieces of HDPE, engraved, cut out, and shipped

With the first order finished got a chance to make some gifts

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And another

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Last one out of the butcher block

This one is my favorite, those antlers are modeled from photos of actual deer from our back yard


Wow. That is some strong progress.

WX was always my favorite letter growing up. :slight_smile:

My 2 yo is learning her letters. I actually think β€œdouble you” is the stupidest name. I wish it was just called β€œWee”. Like β€œBee” or β€œDee”. It would be much easier to remember the sound it makes. /Rant.

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