Lowrider Greenhouse

The best thing about having this Greenhouse is walking in and it’s 80f, while <50f outside.

I used the Lowrider to cut the arches, which are perfectly shaped to be incident to the sun, year-round at my latitude.

Already posted about the build, but thought folks might get a kick from an update.

Not a lot growing right now, but it’s a dang pleasant place to be.

I’m planning to rip out all the PVC and replace it with Pex pretty soon.


The joints are still holding up and at 80F it sounds like you did one heck of a job designing and building it. That has to feel pretty amazing.

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Awesome to see big builds from the low rider. I just finished building my LR3 a couple weeks ago and am in the process of getting the panels configured to cut for a small stitch and glue boat.

I’ve built four or five cnc machines over the last decade but they have all been too small for the boat builds I like to tinker with. This cnc should be great for some boat building.

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Sadly, while it warms very efficiently in sunlight, it cools down fast. I’ve given up trying to keep the whole thing warm on winter nights, planning to build smaller cold-frames.

Also just revamped the cooling system. I’ve measured upwards of 140f on a normal summer day. Although I don’t think that’s a real measure since the plants thrive. It’s always humid in there.

Make sure to send pics!