Lowrider and Octoprint, which controller

I am new to the CNC world. I’m looking at buying the Lowrider 2 parts and plan on using Octoprint with it (if its possible) since I’m using it with my 3D printer (and love it). My next option, after Octoprint, would be to connect a Raspberry Pi or a computer. Should I wait to get the Rambo (when its in stock) or would another controller work?

The skr pro works well also. I have it and am running a pi with the V1Pi image on it and love it. It has octoprint and cncjs already loaded. can access it from any web broser

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Thanks, Mike!

Octoprint and cncjs seem to play well together on the V1Pi image. You can probably add cncjs to whatever machine you’re currently running Octoprint on without having to invest in an additional computer.

Note that I’m running the VIPi, so haven’t had to do any of the install or setup myself (thanks @jeffeb3!) so I can’t say what hoops you might need to jump through.

It’s not bad. Installing it via docker is probably the easiest. Installing it the way it is on the v1pi is easy too, but there are 10 ways to install node.js and only one of them worked for me.

The real trick is the landing page, but if you just use octoprint as is and know that cncjs is at :5080, it shouldn’t be hard.

I have my Ender 3 hooked up to a Pi4 and Octoprint… I’m guessing I’d need another Raspberry Pi to connect the LR2 yes ?

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I haven’t tried using them at the same time, but I’m using a single V1pi instance to connect to both my Burly and my home-rolled Prusa I3 clone. Octoprint for the Prusa, cncjs for the MPCNC.

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Is there a place that shows how the PI connects to the SKR? Im assuming usb?

Just the USB.

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