Lowrider 4 lyfe


I peed my pants a bit when the adaptive started. Scared, fearful, and a bit intrigued; I let lowrider continue.

Surface finish needs work. The lowrider needs tramming.

The indexable mill is a Kyocera 7/16th inch flute with 1/4 inch cermet insert and 1/2 inch shank. The adaptive stepover was 1.11125mm or 10% of the flute diameter. The carbide inserts for this tool have been phased out. Cermet is still available and has a sfm requirement that just made sense. So I tried it. I now have to go change my pants.


WOW, you did that on the LR!? Those are some serious chips!

That is pretty amazing, what was your depth of cut 1/4"?

A full sheet lowrider. No less.

DOC after facing should have been 5mm. Had to get out the face shield in order to observe the cut. Those chips had some sting to them.

Shapes came out within 0.10mm of what I was aiming for. Will get the surface finish figured out tomorrow. Probably just needs a squirt of wd 40.

I am 100% impressed.


How well did that plunge? I think I need something similar after seeing what your full sheet LR did, my Primo would be an absolute beast with teeth like that!

This one doesn’t plunge. I think that is why the EM series is being or is phased out. Newer model indexable endmills do plunge, though I don’t know enough to say much more than that.

It was worth a try, I’m just fortunate to have it work out. The thing that caught my eye was the SFM rating on the cermet inserts. 1500-1800 sfm! I thought, wow, the high rpm routers could use that! And so it can.


Had to chop alot of chips to make these trees.

Adaptive Tool Path


That router is getting a workout.