Lowrider 3 - YZ Plates


Reading the LR3 documentation, it states: “The YZ Plates can be nearly any thickness”.

I have the opportunity to lasercut these out of 6mm Alu. Because of the above statement, and the fact the XZ plates from the shop are also made of 6mm metal, I believe rigidity won’t be an issue.

Of course the suggested small wood screws will not work in this case. I wonder if I can replace them with some M3 x 20 and some nylock nuts to fit in the drafted holes?
Not sure if the length of 20 would be enough for the 6mm plate plus the linear rail plus the nut…

Obviously I also wonder if I am forgetting something as a reason for not making them out of Alu?

Just measured the hole depth of a spare piece of linear rail I have laying on my desk. The holes have a a chamfer so if you used some taper headed fasteners it’d probably buy you an extra mm of length, but if you’re using flat headed m3 bolts, the depth for the rail is about 5mm. So 5mm (rail) + 6mm plate would give you 9mm. My nyloc M3 nuts and washers stack up to 6mm.

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Thanks Clayton!
Would it be an issue if the screw sticks out a bit on the outside of the LR3?

As far as I can tell it shouldn’t be an issue. There isn’t anything mounted on the other side of the rails that fasteners would run into.

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Thanks for your insights!