Lowrider 3 TFT35 laser firmware

Hi there,

Does anybody know where to find the right TFT35 firmware to use laser with touchscreen and M3/4/5 codes or inline? I have a firmware but this will not activate with touchscreen.

@DougJoseph I thought I found before somewhere you made this working too. So maybe you could help me out? :slight_smile:

A laser connected up correctly using the latest V1 maintained Marlin firmware (2.1.1/515) will respond to M3/M5, but the laser will only stay on for one second due to the newly introduced laser safety timeout. If your laser is working correctly otherwise, we can help you with workarounds for the laser timeout, but I have a sense that you have more issues than just the TFT35.


  • Are using an SKR Pro board?
  • What version of the Marlin firmware are you running?
  • Does your laser work using other methods?
  • What pin on your control board are you using for the laser PWM?
  • What laser module are you using?
  • Are you using Lightburn to author laser jobs?
  • How are you sending g-code to your control board?

I have not ever used laser with my LowRider so it was not me. So sorry.

Ah thought so. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


I’am using an SKR 3 EZ board. I got the Lowrider working as it should. With a controller by pc as also with the tft touch- and Marlinmode. I did connected the laser to 12v and the PB5 (PWM output) for pwm (ttl) as it is scheduled. Because the SKR 3 EZ isn’t a board wherefore the V1 Marlin firmware is written I made up my own Marlin 2.1.2 firmware for the LR3 for this board (U helped me out with the Z-homing issue last week).
My laser is working with Lightburn in test mode and also when running a gcode but it won’t work with inline mode :slight_smile: in lightburn. I am using a NEJE a40640.
I’am sending my g-code directly from usb connection.

In the tft Marlin mode I only can test the laser, but I can’t set the laser on/off and set the strength. Although there is a laser mode visible. It won’t work. is the tft touch mode it isn’t working at al. I can’t find a proper firmware to for just the cnc/laser settings. It is also showing al the 3Dprinter thing. So I can control by lightburn but wan’t to control the laser also by tft settings.

won’t work with inline mode

I’m not sure this is your issue, but the latest version of the Marlin firmware requires the following to be placed at the top of the file for inline commands to work:

M3 I

In Lightburn, you can have this added automatically in Device Settings GCode tab Start GCode.

Laser engraving using inline commands is substantially better than using M3/M5.

Not sure what to tell you about your TFT. When not in Marlin mode, the TFT is sending g-codes, so if you can get the display to issue M3 commands, it should come on…at least briefly. If you are using Lightburn to drive the laser, then you could issue laser commands from a Lightburn button.

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Oke Robert I’ve got inline working just how you said for lightburn.

Now everything is almost working as it should.I only need to find out how to get the settings (firmware) in the tft right to get it working with inline laser mode @ the touchscreen of the tft.

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Enabling inline mode does not disable M3/M5. A TFT will use M3/M5 to turn the laser on/off.

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oke that’s weird than. than it won’t work with this firmware I think.