Lowrider 3 hose hanger extension

I was finding that my hose and mains cable were hanging down over and rubbing the edge of my table and Y2 axis belt, so I knocked together a quick extension to replace the current hanger. This allows the hose and cable to hang over the edge of the left side XZ plate by about 100mm. A rough design, but it works.
You need to print with supports.
Hose Hanger parts.zip (43.8 KB)


If you were to extend the hook and loop portions down to the buildplate, you could likely do without support

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Personally struggled with a sagging vac hose slapping against the Y belt too. Fixed using a support that spoons the end brace Printables


Yours is better than mine. Printing it now.

Your model looks good to me, it looks longer even, and looks like it’ll clear the belt very well?

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Nice way to handle it.

Here is the above remixed so it can print with no supports needed! 3.5 minutes in SketchUp. (I’m including the SketchUp file in the zip).

Hose Hanger Extension No Supports Needed.zip (596.7 KB)

I like @azab2c 's design. Zip-tie slits, and it has style.

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