Lowrider 3 dust enclosure using EMT, and MPCNC Primo parts?

Looking to build a basic removable dust enclosure for my Lowrider 3 when in small mode (2’x4’).

Has anyone reused Primo parts to build a EMT based enclosure for their Lowrider?

Earlier, I started sketching some parts, e.g.

Then, after spending time printing couple of parts… Realized Primo design already has a bunch of parts that could be repurposed for making a light weight EMT + plastic-sheet enclosure around a Lowrider 3…

The Primo parts can be maybe reused for a proper Primo later on, if/when more sturdy noise shielding enclosure is created.

Printing MPCNC Primo parts to make LR3 enclosure, to reduce dust while making molds, that’ll eventually be used to make a project for RMRRF…

Using revo Hiflow 0.8mm nozzle (0.4mm layer height), haven’t finely tuned, but already printing ~%30 faster than 0.6mm, and hardware still seems to fit, so far… Am test fitting bolts/nuts/emt after first print of each part type. Using custom feet because my table is barely larger than LR3 footprint.

Will maybe eventually endup with overhead lighting/camera setup…

Maybe this could be a neat upgrade path option for people going from Primo to Lowrider 3. Repurpose the Primo parts for a Smart enclosure/scanner above LR3?


Better half complained about dust, so I made some improvements (?)…

Looking for quick release clips to hold 6 mil plastic sheet (folded in spots) against the 3/4" EMT. Goal is cheap dust enclosure, and insides still easy to access. Suggestions appreciated? Trying to get rid of the blue tape that’s ruining the aesthetic.

Used Primo parts (printed on MP3DP v4) for frame around LR3 because it amused me, and could be useful for an overhead controlled gantry based thing…


Not so sure about the aesthetic, but I’d just use some spring clamps. Something like this:

HORUSDY 8-Piece 4" inch Spring Clamp, Heavy Duty Spring Metal Spring Clamps, 1.5"-inch Jaw opening Amazon.com

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If you have a harbor freight close by you can get some good cheap spring clamps there. I have several that have been working great. Or if you are wanting to be real cheap I bet you can find a STL to print some clamps that might work

Also wanted to add. That is a pretty badass use of Primo parts!!! Good job!!!

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Cheers @Jonathjon, great idea! They had super cheap clamps, bought a bunch. Enough to grip the plastic, but not enough to make a Kayak :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome! Glad they worked out well for you! I have started a collection of them. But not any where close to enough to build a kayak lol

Well, it is ugly as f… but as long as it keeps the wife happy and the dust in, it’s fine I guess. A good permanent temporary solution. :smiley: