LowRider 3 CNC - WOOD INSERTS EDITION of table extenders to use metal struts with LR3 - endstop/tensioner supports

As originally suggested and requested by @spinorose

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The following is copied and pasted from the Printables description.

This is the “WOOD INSERTS EDITION” of “LowRider 3 CNC - table extenders to use LR2 table (with metal struts) with LR3 - endstop/tensioner supports

It serves the same purpose as the original design — enabling use of metal struts (aka superstrut, also aka unistrut) with LowRider v3 table. However, this edition allows using wooden inserts inside the metal strut ends, and attaching these prints to the wood, which are smaller prints than the original. This reduces how much print time is needed.

This idea for the remix was suggested by a fellow V1E maker, Spinorose on the V1E forum, and who also goes by Mask Pro here on Printables. He whipped up his own version of this remix before I got this one completed.

NOTE: Two versions of each printed extender are provided: one with a nut capture slot and one without. Pick your poison and print whichever you prefer. Only one or the other is needed, but not both.

ALSO NOTE: No test print has been done as this was remixed on request of someone else.

Notes on printing and assembly:


  • Print as oriented
  • Prints without any need of supports
  • For 0.6 nozzle, suggest 2-3 walls and 30% infill.
  • For 0.4 nozzle, suggest 3-4 walls and 30% infill.
  • Print four (4) of the part labelled “Tip Flange”
  • Print one each of the remaining four parts.


  • Cutting wood inserts (assuming your saw blade has a full kerf width of 1/8"):
    • Cut a piece of wood for the inserts, of the following dimensions:
      • METRIC: 551.5 x 36.3 x 31.1 mm
      • IMPERIAL: 21.72" x 1.43" x 1.224"
    • It is suggested that the corners (length wise) be chamfered by about 2mm.
    • Finally, cut that long piece into the four (4) inserts of the following lengths.
    • Labeling them is suggested.
Rear LEFT 145.51 mm
Rear RIGHT 128.66 mm
Front LEFT 145.51 mm
Front RIGHT 122.32 mm
  • Drilling wood inserts
    • On each of the inserts, designate one end as the outside, for attaching a “Tip Flange” part.
    • Draw a line down the center of that outside end, as shown.
    • Also draw a line down the center of the length on the insert’s side that will face out, as shown.

  • Assuming your insert is the correct length, the screw holes on the side for mounting the printed extender part, should both be 10.25 mm from the ends, as shown. Mark the two holes. You can then verify that the hole marks are right by positioning the appropriate printed extender so its holes are centered on the center line drawn.
  • Also mark two screw locations for drilling on the end. Assuming your insert is the correct height, the holes should be about 9.07mm from the top and bottom. Position a “Tip Flange” part so its holes are centered on the line on the end, and its top and bottom lips are centered on their overhang. One of the sides will have more lip overhang than the other three sides. Mark where the wood needs drilled.
  • Pre-drill the two screw holes in the end, and pre-drill the two screw holes on the side.
  • Attach the “Tip Flange” part using two screws.
  • Attach the appropriate printed extender part on the side. Repeat for all inserts.

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Note: I don’t yet have a “WOOD INSERTS EDITION” of the new v1.1 remix, but I’m posting this so anyone looking at the Wood Inserts Edition will at least know about the new remix.

NEW REMIX provides 10mm worth of adjustability to get your belt orientation perfect.

LowRider 3 CNC - table extenders to use metal struts with LR3 table - endstop/tensioner supports - v1.1


NOTE: In September, 2023, a fellow V1E maker ( @steved on the V1E forum ) needed a little bit of adjustability on the location of the right-side belt-tensioner+endstop mounts in his metal-strut-based LowRider, so I made this v1.1 remix of the original design, which provides 10mm worth of adjustability. If your LR3 X gantry is a bit too long (not more than 10mm too long), you can use this new v1.1 version. The only changed parts are the two right-side mounts (“LR3 Tensioner Extender Front RIGHT” and “LR3 Tensioner Extender Rear RIGHT”).