LowRider 3 CNC - burnt drivers and X-axis going one direction, pls help

My built went fine, regarding putting together mechanical part of LowRider, but I started to do electrical part and I met significant problems. It started with bending the pin, like in the picture

but it touched part under driver

so it burnt it (my theory).

you can see slight mark after burning here

I thought that I lost 2 out of 5 drivers but third driver when tested, stepper motor does not move for either +x or -x comand on display (but it is possible to hear the motor). But the driver looks fine

Last 2 drivers when tested on X stepper motor are able to move it, but to only single direction with both +x and -x command. Could anyone please help? I order 3 drivers expecting 2 destroyed and 1 for reserve but I really would hope that at least 2 are functional.

Here some additional pictures


Some of the SKR Pro boards have a problem woth the soldering on the sockets for the drivers, and the DIR pin may not be connected. It isnt difficult to fix, but that issue sounds familiar.

How do I figure out if the problem is with DIR pin? If it is the problem, how to solve it?

Start by examining the pins for the socket for the stepper driver that is failing. You are looking for pins not soldered. It is also possible it is a cold solder joint. The second picture in this post shows a pin not soldered on an SKR Turbo board.

If you don’t find anything, swap stepper drivers between one that is working and the one that does not. If the problem follows the stepper driver, then the issue is with the stepper driver. If it does not follow, then the issue is with the SKR board.

If it turns out to be the SKR board, it is possible to move the stepper driver to the 6th socket. This will require changing some pin assignments in the firmware and reflashing.

One additional thing you might try if you are comfortable, and if it is a control board problem, you could resolder the dir pin for the failing socket.

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Wow. I think this is the first time I’ve see a pin shorting out on the cap like that. I actually put kapton tape on top of the capacitors when I originally assembled my controller just in case. I guess that was a good idea. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for suggestions, I will look into it tomorrow and will let you know. My friend also borrowed me some drivers so I will test how board will work with these. I really hope I will not have to buy new board

Yeah, that is what I should have done but I did not. I definitely was not expecting to go in smoke like it did.

Hope you overcome this soon. I cut the pin off instead of bending to mitigate risk of touching the cap. Misused spare filament snips to cut the pins.

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good idea, I will do the same with the new drivers

My friend borrowed me exact same drivers and they work to both directions in every stepper motor, so all of my drivers are destroyed and I will have to buy couple more. But board seems ok so far, hopefully i will not destroy any more parts.

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I checked if any or driver pins are not soldered but they seem all ok