LowRider 2 Working Marlin Search

Hi Folks! i am having a horrible time getting my Marlin flashed properly to my Ramps 1.4. i have built 3D printers in the past and never had this issue. the closest i’ve gotten was about 90% successful, my X gantry would only turn CCW. i have been trouble shooting for over a month now. i have replaced drivers, Ramps, arduino, everything. i can not figure it out. i can plug my X into any other driver and it works fine. i can put the driver in other locations and it works as well. it seems like a code issue only allowing CCW rotation for the X motor but i have not been able to find it yet. can someone point me in the right direction or share their working marlin with me? TIA!

If one of the 4 stepper wires doesn’t make contact, the motor only turns one direction. Any chance there’s a poorly soldered pin or broken trace on the RAMPS board? It sounds as though you’ve swapped all the other possible combinations.

Hi Tom! i have even gone as far as swapping my ramps boards, arduino boards, the motors/leads, and all the drivers. the only variable i can not seem to get ironed out is if there is something hiding in the code somewhere that is causing this issue. when i go to manually move my X axis both CW and CCW inputs on the LCD cause the motor to drive CCW.

Interesting problem. I have not seen that before.

You can measure the output of Marlin. You can measure the voltage between the dir pin and ground and see which direction Marlin is trying to send. You can disconnect the motor and send some gcode to go back and forth and just focus on measuring it without shorting anything.

I don’t think I have a ramps board, but there is a branch V1CNC_Ramps_Dual that should work, or the MarlinBuilder has a couple of configs for a ramps board. I believe they have been tested by someone, but maybe not.

Assuming you’re editing the firmware settings yourself, I’m now wondering if you’ve (re-)assigned a pin by mistake.

I suggest grabbing a fresh copy of Marlin and verify the pins used for the misbehaving axis, then check your version to see if any of those pins are set up incorrectly, or maybe reused in another module. I also suggest using a text editor that lets you compare files side-by-side.