Lowrider 2 Plasma 4x8

Here are some pictures of my build. I’m using LinuxCNC with a Mesa 7i96 and THCAD for internal THC. The water pans are made of aluminum. The computer is a Dell Optiplex 790. I have a latency error every once in a while so I’m not sure if it is well suited for CNC or if I just don’t have my settings quite right. I cut the cabinet out on the table itself. woohoo reprap!

I wish I would have made the tubing that the skate wheels ride on higher. The water tends to spray everywhere while cutting and I’m worried about it ruining the motors. The water gets. Really dirty and that splashes onto the tubes and threads.

Even though it’s not perfect I’ve been able to get a lot done.


Thanks for sharing! My Mesa gear got put in the mail today.

Good choice!

The guys at the linuxcnc forums might be able to help you with your latency issues. There’s all kinds of tweaks you can make in the bios and kernel boot options and crap I have no clue about. I found I had to remove the pci wifi card to get decent latency.

How deep is your water pan? How much water do you usually put in it? Is any smoke or metal dust still escaping into the air? I haven’t made my pan yet but I get the impression there’s optimal levels to minimize splashing.

I haven’t done the reading to formulate a question about that stuff yet. the guys over there are pretty bright so I try to get close to their level when asking questions.

My water pan only has about an inch of water. There is still a little bit of dust and smoke but nothing that makes breathing difficult or anything. I think i should have made the pan walls taller.

I saw one article on that where they did a bunch of testing and found the best results are when the water is just kissing the material.

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Could you link that article? It seems like something I should read.