Lowrider 2 Machining different from simulation

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it occurs to anyone because the simulation looks correctly but when machining it makes that little input that was not programmed.
I am using Fusion 360 and so far it has not failed using the 2D contour function.

Attached images of what happened

Thanks for your time.

Maybe leadin?

I have seen similar effects when using Aspire when the cut line is not one single vector, there is an option in aspire to ‘join open vectors’ that removes the error, maybe Fusion has the same?

Hello, i will check that option,
Never use it, I’ll see where it is in Fusion.

Ok, I will confirm that there is no “join open vectors” in the sketch. It seems very strange to me that in the simulation it does not appear and the truth is that reading the G code is extensive and I cannot see which sector is because the disorder is very small.
But I will try to check that.

I am not familiar with this software yet, but on other software when it does that, either the lead in is doubled or you have a open line. And since you said that you confirmed that it’s not open. My guess is that there is 2 lines there.
When you watched the simulation, did it show it?

Where can I check if the lead in es double? Do you know? Maybe something happens when I scaled the sketchs and some line is double. I will check that. The strange thing is that when I watched the simulation everything is fine.

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