Lowrider 2 Build in Louisville, Kentucky

Hi everyone,

I have finally decided to go ahead and start building my Lowrider 2. Kit has been ordered and parts printed!

I have set these as goals for my build:

  • 8ft. x 4ft. cutting surface
  • Cutting + Laser Engraving (maybe cutting 1/8" acrylics?)
  • Dust Collection
Next steps:
  • Get a router
  • Build a table
  • Cut the flat parts
Printing took a while, and I planned my filament stock poorly:

[attachment file=108039]

I may have also gone a bit overboard with the brim:

[attachment file=108041]

And I got lucky a couple of times before I ran out of filament:

[attachment file=108044]

Looking forward to getting the parts and starting to put it all together!



Fun colors = fun machine!

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Can someone look at my printed parts picture and tell me if I am missing anything? I was browsing around and saw someone had 4 of the XZ_Side_Belt printed? I only have 2 printed…


[attachment file=108073]


Most of it is there, missing some LCD parts, but the XZ you have is correct.

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Thanks Ryan. I do have the LCD case and clip printed now. Phew! I thought I had messed up the prints


Great to see another Kentucky build. I searched “Kentucky” a few days ago on this forum and all I found were references to the derby and to KFC. Now we’ve got two builds the same week!

Ha! I did the same thing TJ!

Whereabouts in KY are you? I am sure it won’t hurt to have another local builder to bounce ideas off of.


Parts came in today!

[attachment file=108303]

Great packaging:

[attachment file=108304]
[attachment file=108305]
Checked thoroughly, everything is in there!

[attachment file=108308]

And the building begins (pending tightening everything up)!

[attachment file=108306]
[attachment file=108307]


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Happy for you, but sheesh, I heard you the first four times :wink:

Maybe close your browser and reopen? Is it possible a misplaced refresh or ‘back’ button can duplicate posts?

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Im in Danville, about an hour south of Lexington. Good luck getting up and running.

Boy that was not what I meant to do! I kept getting a 505 error when posting, so I left it alone. When I got back all the posts were there! Heck, that picture of the 6 pack holder is not even mine, how’d that get in there? LOL
Is there an Admin around who can delete the dups? I went to my profile –> Activity and delete the posts there, but they are still showing!


I found a while back that if you upload a picture that has the same name as another picture that’s already been uploaded, it will ignore the new one and use the previous one.

The 505 means it sort-a worked. You have to reload the page to see what it decided to post.

What’s a good 3d printer that wont break my wallet that I can make these

Nice…could somebody tell me what this part in the red circle is?



Those are the sides of the LCD case.

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I think they are linked in the estlcam 2.5D instructions.


Thanks, for a second I thought I was missing something… :crazy_face: