Lowrider 2 Add-ons and Modifications

Somewhere, someone suggested that all the add-ons and modifications for the LR@ (and MPCNC) be gathered in one place.

I’m not sure that’s possible but thought I’d start this thread anyway - every add-on I have documented in my build thread (HERE) has now been uploaded for better or for worse in one collection.


I’ve had a bit of a panic to get them uploaded while they are still useful to others (maybe). How come @vicious1 can document and build a whole new machine in the time it takes me to upload a dozen files?

Anyway, there it is - if you care to share your mods and useful links, please add them here.


I’ll chip in. Here’s my stuff so far.

SKR 1.2 Pro and TFT35 E3 V3 Cases for MPCNC Lowrider 2 CNC
MPCNC Lowrider 2 Junk Bumper
No Zip-Tie for Belt Stop 3/4" Tabletops - Lowrider 2 CNC


Here’s a mod for Primo belt tensioners on the X axis.

Note that these use M5 x 50 bolts.