Low rider sag

I was trying to get my low rider side to side as level as possible. I ran a dial indicator back and forth and got it down to about .008 from one side to the other. I need to get a better way to adjust my Z limit switches to get this any better. I noticed there was some sag in the middle as well about .005. My lowrider is 34" wide. Is that a normal amount?

You’re complaining about less than most people’s print layers? What size tubes?

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What are you using the machine for? .005" across a 34" span with a machine that has plastic hardware seems pretty stellar to me

1inch tubes .

No complaints here. I am happy with everything so far. I was just wondering what is normal.

I plan on using it for wood working stuff, drag knife and who knows what.

I’m actually surprised the tubes are that straight. I wouldn’t worry about it.


You can adjust your ends stops with M666 I believe so you can fine tune it side to side but not the sag. Your sag seems really good.

My 2 sides are currently 1.2mm off I just use the M666 to set an offset rather than mess with the stops.

Ah I didn’t realize/think that there were different offsets for each Z that will make things so much easier to do!

Does the m666 change get saved? For example after a power cycle will that value still be there?

Also how do I specify which of the two z endstops I am adjusting.

M500 will write it to memory.

You only get to offset one endstop but you can do positive or negative offsets. I am doing this from memory but I think it’s z1 endstop that is adjusted.

If you just punch in m666 then it will say what endstops you can adjust.

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You could loosen the tubes and spin them around to see if the sag gets better or worse. Slight chance the tubes are slightly bent and getting the direction of the bow JUST right could counter it.

Or, maybe they already are and that’s why it’s so good.

Or, maybe you get it just right and your upcut bit pulls the whole thing down into a new kind of sag.