Low rider 3 squareness

I just found an issue with my low rider. I am trying to skim the surface with a 1 in cutter. I am getting .100 inch steps from the YZ axis. I am assuming the head isn’t square but I don’t know how to adjust it. I am using the Kobalt router and a 3 bladed 1 in cutter. If I lifted the front roller it would be flat but I don’t see anything I can shim.

Can you be more precise in your question? Is it that the router isn’t square to the cutting surface (and if so, in which axis), or is it that the Z axis is further away from the surface at XMax vs XMin, or is the XY not square when you measure from XMin YMin to XMax YMax?

The latter two can be corrected through M666 software commands (very small deviations) or adjusting the endstops (larger deviations). If it is the router that is not square (perpendicular) to the surface, you can adjust using masking tape behind the router to adjust (search this forum for “Tramming” and “Tape”)

Here is an example


You may also want to be clear what you mean by this. pictures probably will help a lot.

I took this to mean 0.1 inch ridges (what people commonly post about) …which would be 2.5mm high… So I hope it’s not that

The 1 inch cutter is running along the x axis, the double rails. When I measure the slot the on side is .1 inch shallower then the other. While trying to surface it looks like a saw tooth.

The router can be shimmed in the mounting rings using tape. You can use something like this Printables to exaggerate the tilt

Or, the fancier option: Printables

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I have one for the Kobalt. This is what I am using


However, if it is making cuts that deep, you should really try to work on finding out what the issue is with the build.

This mount is meant to get the last little bit of adjustment fine tuned if you are chasing perfect squareness, not to mask larger problems.

I agree with this. From the sounds of it you have something farther off than just a little out of tram. But I’m also not sure I am following correctly on which way you are seeing it off. Pics will help us help you a TON

Check the switches that are setup for your Z height. What you are saying here makes me think that one side of the machine this switch is lower/higher than the other. I had the same type of issues on my Y axis on setup. I found it was easier to use bits of blue tape on the end stops to adjust the stop point over the M666 (I think) codes that were supposed to due this in firmware.

The height of the Z home position is set with this switch, in red below, one on each side. There is some built in adjustment. Measure these to the spoil board or is some way and see if they are the same. Flex or warp in printed parts maybe?


The tape worked, it seems to be nice and square now. New issue popped up. Seem like when I am feeding X+ I am getting a deeping cut the X-. So I am getting lines when trying to do the surfacing.

Is there any chance it could be the same issue, just in a different axis? (You may have corrected for perpendicular in YZ, but may have a slight angle on XZ)