Low Rider 3 - 3D Printed Parts

Hello Here everyone . I have just almost printed all the Low Roder 3 Parts . But i think that i wont build it anytime soon . Thatswhy i would like to sell them . If someone is interested to purhase parts - printed nicely then contact me - szabla88@gmail.com

Where are you located?

Mike B.

Im from Poland .

Okay, that’s a little too far for shipping to Oregon :grinning:

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updated picture . I am about tu make rest of the parts that the V3 will be - as complete as it can .

Hi, I am be interested in it. How much would it be with shipping to Hungary?

Hello , Can you sendme the exact adress?
you can do that by sending me some email > szabla88@gmail.com
I am willing today to cut the side parts - on my Low Rider 2 CNC and you could get those too .