Loud vibrations from steppers motors

Hey everyone!
I’m getting very close to finishing the ZenXY V2 table I’ve been working on. I’ve got table built and everything mounted. Software works…mostly.

Any movement done by the motors is accompanied by loud vibrations that resonate through the table. Originating at the motors.

I am using a BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 V3 with 2209 drivers. The motors are the ones from the V1 website. KL17H248-15-4A

I’ve even added some rubber between the motors and table to try and dampen the vibrations but no luck.

I’m realizing there may be a software issue. I really feel like I shouldn’t be able to feel the motors vibrate while they are moving.

Any advice would be amazing! I can add more info if needed.

Do you have stealthchop turned on? It is really helpful.

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Yeah stealthchop is on. Oddly enough the vibration is worse with it on. But when it’s off there is an electrical buzzing from the motors.

Mine is pretty quiet. It isn’t that large. I have noticed that the speed makes a big difference. The medium matters a lot too. I had sand and that was very noisy. Baking soda is much quieter.

Maybe post a video where we can hear it (you would have to upload it to youtube or something and post a link).


Mine is pretty silent as well, until I turn up the speed and that just introduces the stepper whine, not really any vibrations.

So it occured to me this morning I may have been a fool haha.
I was doing my sound tests with the movement at around 100 mm/s :expressionless:
Below 30 mm/s the loudest noise is now the wheels moving along the conduit. (Another issue to figure out)

That being said, do you guys know what current should be sent to these motors? I’ve got it set to 800 ma right now but that was a total guess.
Is there a better option? Or does it not matter?

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I think I run mine between F1000 (17mm/s) and F2000 (33mm/s).

I have a much smaller table, but I have the current set very low. 200mA is what I remember. You can just start very small and if it skips steps, then increase it. Skipping steps doesn’t hurt anything (it sounds like gears skipping but it is not grinding anything). With the TMCs, it is easy to adjust it.

We use 900mA or so on the router. Moving a router while it is routing plywood had better be a lot harder than moving a ball through baking soda. If nothing else, save the electricity by making that current a lot smaller. No sense in making your motors warm.


Very helpful! I’ll make those adjustments and hopefully have an awesome Zen desk to post soon!


I sometimes zip mine around the table at very non-Zen speeds, and have my current set to ~200mA as well. 4000mm/min isn’t unheard of on mine, particularly for wipe patterns. I’ve never had it skip steps.


One more question for you fine humans.
My motors are making ‘music’ printing circles even at low speed.
What microsteps would you recommend? I know these are strong motors, but I’m worried 256 will make the steps torque too small.
I just want to get this thing as quiet as possible.
Thanks in advance!

The tmc drivers already interpolate down to 256. There are two settings for them. One is the number of microsteps between the skr and the tmc. And the other is the interpolated resolution to the motor. All our tmc builds have these set to 16 and 256.


Great information! I definitely had that set up wrong. Thanks!