Lots of interest...in sandwichs

I have been into 3d printing for years and was super excided about this project. Got the burly up and running even cranked out some lr2 plate for random people , work projects , personal projects.

But lately all of my ambition (I have a bunch of projects going) has just fizzled up. I go to my work room take a step in and just ugh. The thought “nope” floats into my head and I go get absorbed by the couch.

I hope everyone else is on the ball and moving forward.

Best wishes Jlo

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Unless you’ve promised work for pay to someone else, then this is supposed to be an enjoyable leisure time activity. If you’re not enjoying it, give yourself some time to decompress. I’d do a little tidying up if anything was left in a mess, so there’s no impediment to getting back into it when you’re interested again.

Enjoy the couch for a while.


My funk breaker is grab a sandwich and do or go somewhere completely random. New place/store(bike ride, walk, drive). Don’t think about the projects at all, Start fresh another day.


Oh man, sandwiches. My god, how I love them! My older boy is 12 and I’m finally getting him to appreciate a sandwich as a thing of divinity when properly prepared and assembled. The younger boy just wants some cold cuts and bread. My daughters both prefer cupcakes, lol.


I sometimes “fizz out” with my projects as well. My head goes quite haywire from time to time, from too much pondering and googling, and tinkering and trying out stuff. Once in a while I overload, and everything is showed away. My life is also quite hectic, so many other things also comes in the way. But for me it’s such a joy to come back to this rabbit hole. I fired up my printer the other day, and it was delightful to see the stuff that grew out of thing air.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with my ramble. I just want to give you a pat on the back and assure you that there are many of us that has it like this - and that it’s nothing to worry about - your toys and the forum won’t go anywhere! (unless, of course, you really really grew tired of tinkering, and wants to start gardening or sewing instead. But that’s perhaps another case?)


Maybe its time to make a sandwich and finish my hang printer project…and maybe clean my maker space. It Is pretty cluttered right now

Thanks everyone.

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It’s a HOBBY :slight_smile:

Say that twice… then go do something else.

If you’re not having fun with it… then just stop for a bit. I have a lot of hobbies and I tend to float around all of them. Not sure the last time I cranked up the MPCNC. I did run the laser the other day to burn something for the wife.

All my other projects right now are other electronic, motorcycle, woodworking projects.

Happens to me regularily, most of the time I get very excited to get back home doing stuff when I’m at work at around 16pm , then 18pm finally arrives after two horrifically long hours and I finally head back home, full of motivation and ideas of things I’ll build.
Finally I crash on the couch like a slug and do nothing.
Until my motivation comes back but it’s already 11:30pm and time to go to bed :frowning:

Usually what helps getting me going back in the shop is to clean it up. Just start with the easy stuff, then you’ll naturally want to tidy the rest. And most of the time, when the workshop is nice and tidy, you’ll see you’ll want to stick around doing stuff much more.
Over the past two years, I developped the habit of cleaning my shop entirely after any single important part of a project is done. I think it helped tremendously my motivation as well as the speed I’m able to find my tools :smile:

Ryan’s trick is nice too, I should try it more, but everytime I do that I come back exhausted and willing to go back to slug mode, which kinda defeats the purpose.


I do this too, but I typically do it at the end of every ‘large’ project. Right now I have 2 projects going. We’ll see which one finishes first causing me to clean up again :slight_smile:

One of the projects will require me to build a temporary spray booth inside the shop. I’ll have to clean part of the shop to fit the spray booth.

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When I feel this way, I wait for someone to ask me for something and then I promise to get it to them soon. I then will either work on it, or neglect them. The internet is full of my broken promises.


That’s funny

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Should have known someone using @turbomacncheese as a handle would have a deep love for sandwiches. Divine is definitely a good way to describe a good sandwich. Can literally turn a day around.

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I used to run a supermarket deli/bakery, so there’s that.
I had at least a dozen regular customers that would show up and just ask “what kind of sandwiches am I making this week?” lol.
Tripled sub sales by taking them seriously, and transformed them from an outlet for opened deli packages to a profitable section.
My LinkedIn tag was “I build epic sandwiches”.
Sandwiches are a big deal when I get involved.


Okay, I love expert opinions…what is your preferred pickle? I love the Claussen’s Dill pickle but is there something else that might be readily available that is better? I think the pickle plays a significant role in most of my favorite sandwiches. Just so happens I live 3/4 mile form a “Mister Pickle’s” sandwich shop. They will be the cause of my financial demise for sure.

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Clausen is for sure tough to beat. There was another, vlassic, i think, just way too sour for me. Reminded me of McDonald’s. Also seems a little crisper and sweeter when you get the whole pickles and slice them vs sliced in a jar, but that might just be me.


There is a sandwhich shop in Golden (called D’Deli) and they try to make a sandwhich with similar ingredients to what you would find in a fancy restaurant, and their business is super laid back. They have awesome bread too. That’s the most important part.

Their website doesn’t do them justice (they are a really small shop. No public bathrooms, 2 tables inside): https://www.ddeligolden.com/menu

For some reason, there is also a jimmy johns, a subway, and a quiznos within walking distance. Why would anyone visit any of those? There is also a snarf’s, which would be my favorite if it wasn’t 1 block from D’Deli. In college, we had a class at 10am, so we went by this shop for the first time. They had the door open, but the greeted us and told us they open at 10. We told them we had class, thanks anyway. They made us a sandwhich to take to class, but their register wasn’t open, so they didn’t charge us. Customer for life.

I don’t like pickles, but I love giardiniera or pickled hot pepper mix on a sandwhich. My staple is usually turkey, pepperoni, provolone, and hot pepper mix. Sometimes lettuce.



I keep a jar of that in the fridge and eat it right out of the jar since no one else eats it.


Dangit I’m hungry now.

I love me Vlassic tbh, and I really like all kinds of pickles, but it’s available everywhere to my knowledge and good enough on a sandwich/eating on its own for me. I totally agree that this is a pretty big difference between the pickle sliced in the jar and the whole pickles taken out and sliced. Maybe it’s just mental but I guess that’s the point.

Jeff, you should try some spicy pickles if you like a hot pepper mix. Might just be the happy medium. Not that you need to try pickles or use them if you don’t like them, I just like peppers a lot too and spicy pickles are amazing.

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Muffaletta is the sandwich to beat in my book. Italian meats and cheeses with a heap of chopped olives all on a big round italian loaf of bread. Easily feeds 2, can feed 4, professionals solo them… @heath knows what I’m talking about. :grin:

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We need to change this from “Loss of interest” to “lots of interest… In sandwiches”