Lost. HELP

I (we) (engineering and robotics class in High School) have built the CNC with mini rambo server. We finished the construction today. I have a couple of questions if someone can help. I am going to research this site in addition. I though the fastest way to get started was to ask quesitons.

I am wanting to get my Superintendent in to see this machine ASAP. We do not have a clue where to begin. We have a prusa 3D printer and have gotten pretty good and designing and printing objects.

  1. What is the fastest way to get this machine cutting wood. We have the Dewalt Spiral saw attached?
  2. What file type do we use. I know on the 3D printer we save STL file and then slice it with a Gcode. What do we do with this to get it cutting.
  3. Do we design like we are printing?
  4. This is the first year I have taught anything like this so my students and I are learning together. I am really proud of them and want to get this thing running.
Give me the quickest, easiest route to watching this thing cut.

This is the best way, make sure this all works, then make sure you continue to the crown drawing. I believe getting a good first cut is better than getting one quickly.


Once you get past that I have a tutorial on making a carving or the pocketing tutorial.


660? Spiral, you need to use a proper endmill preferably a single flute.


Walk before you run.


Again, follow the link it explains all of this.


I don’t understand this question. You can use CAD or a vector program.


I am proud as well but please do things in the order I have outlined on the site.