loose fit on rails?

Hey guys!

I just started my build last night, and I’m noticing that most of the parts that should be snug to the conduit have some play in them. The rollers for instance do not touch on all the bearings. I’m in the US, printed the “C” version of the parts, and purchased 3/4" conduit. Am I missing something? Or how do I go about correcting?

Thanks in advance!!

This was normal for my build until I got it fully assembled and ready to operate.

I adjusted mine by tightening the bolts that go all the way thru the bearing and have plastic on both sides of the bearing.

Make very small adjustments…you do not need for this to be super tight…only tight enough for the 3 bearings to all come into contact with the rails. For me it was on the order of 1/4 turn or less tighter than snug.

The reason for waiting until you are ready to make the machine move under its own power to do this is so that you can keep everything as square and true as possible.

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Thanks! We’ve only gotten to the X and Y axis so far. I’ll just keep going until everything is together and worry about it then.