Longer Wire Kits?

Wondering if even longer wiring kits for the individual dual endstops could be made? For example 3m?

Otherwise wondering if you could say what type of cable that was used for these kits and maybe I could make longer ones?

Reason why I asked is that I have mine in an enclosure so need a fair amount of wiring to get out of the enclosure to keep the RAMBO board cool and dust free.

You can connect multiple. Male / female ends make this easy to do.

The wire has all of its specs on the cable if you want to get more of it I would guess. Let me know if there is something about them that info does not provide and I can see if the manufacturing house can provide it.

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Yeah I guess I’ll just order another set. Will make it easier for everybody.


What about MP3DP 3D printed parts? More of those coming soon?

Hopefully tomorrow. I switched to 0.5mm nozzles and have not re-sliced it yet. But I will get on it ASAP.

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