Long Z Rails and Ballscrews for LR3

I have longer linear rails and ballscrews for the LR3 than were called for. These were the lengths in stock, and I figured I could cut them if needed. However, I’m wondering if it’s worth cutting it or just keep it long. The ball screw isn’t a big deal to cut, but I’d rather not cut the rail. It’s 200mm vs 150 called for.

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Let em hang out!

I edited the LR3 YZ plates for 200mm linear rails, it gives the extra in available Z. I also have a “cap” design which I did first that covers the extra rails sticking up so that it doesn’t try to catch everything quite as badly.

I haven’t cut the yz plate yet, so if you can send that to me I’ll give it a try.

My YZ art was based off of a late beta stage YZ plate, there was a chang to the main one, and someone else has updated it further to match the newer part. The difference is a slight curve to the bottom of the Y drive part to give a touch more clearance for the Y pulley/motor shaft. Mine is just fine without it, so I guess it depends a little on your motors.

TallYZPlate.zip (3.1 KB)

This moves the Z endstop mount up 50mm and the openings for the gantry screws.

I have also used the standard sized pieces and just put the 200mm linear rails on them, and it works fine.

I ended up taking the current YZ drawing from the docs page and modifying it to add a 7th rail hole and raise the profile to match. Should be a good fit. Something very satisfying about creating a part, loading it up on the CNC machine, letting it whir for 10 minutes or so, and turning itself off with a perfectly shaped part lying on the bed.

Now that I type this out, it looks like I didn’t raise the Z slot. Perhaps I’ll build it as is and see what my real needs are.

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The Z endstop mount also moves up to accommodate more Z.

I have a parmetric version discussed here which is on Printables.


If I’d had access to Jamies’ parametric version, I wouldn’t have done my own… But I did mine in the beta stage, so…