Long cuts off by 2mm

Need help
If I cut a small square of 80x 80 mm
Evething is ok but if I cut something of 1200 x 1200 it cuts it 1200 x 1220 mm

1220 or 1202?

Sorry 1202

Coz Last nights ive cut a dxf file
30 x 242 cm and the cut was 30 x 244 cm

Is it proportional to the length travelled, or is it always 2mm?

just long cuts

It’s out 2cm after 244cm of travel? That’s a much greater error than the 2mm over 1200mm that you mentioned before.

Do you have a v bit or marker you can use with some tape?
If so, Home the machine, mark 0,0 XY, then move out to 244cm Y, and make another mark.
Raise Z but hold position.
Measure those marks. How far apart are the marks?

Then move Y back to 0 (do not home it- command it back to Y0).
Lower the Z and make another mark. Is it perfectly in the same spot? If not, how far off is it?

Check your grubscrews on the Y motor shaft are tight and one is on the flat of the shaft.

yes if i cut something large it gets .2 cm

What Jim is asking is; is the error ALWAYS 2mm, or if you travel half the distance is the error half the size for example.

Hi, you should check your steps, calibrate them by moving your axis from 0 to 1000mm.

2mm off out of 2440 isn’t something to fix with e steps.

That’s not metrology needed for the fix, it’s psychology.

Any little slop is going to be grub screws or flex or very possibly losing a step from low drive current and fast motion.

People make suggestions and offer experiments, but aren’t taken up on and no answers are forthcoming- so that’s about as good as it’s going to get without cooperation.

Yes ive done it with square 80 by 80 cm but is ok im goig to try something bigger an see

Y axis y my problem do you think is the Belt
OK is going to fast that it losses steps?

Tuning this in will require that you be methodical.

Start doing testing in a methodical way. Report results. We’ll sort this out, but you have to be step-by-step, not flailing wildly hoping for a fix.

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