Linear rails + XZ Plate - not completely parallel

So this hasn’t worked out. I am still trying to print it one more time and shift it on the print bed 90 degrees. I was thinking if the rotation of the piece on the bed could influence it too.

What about infill btw? Would that impact the warping? If I’d try different one?

Thank you.

Thank you, Bartman.

I am still considering to build it as is with some nuts missing missing on the guide rail. But I don’t like the idea much.

Plus the hassle on trying to figure out milling of metal afterwards is something I am not sure I am ready for at the moment. Haha

I will try to mill some metal at some point but the machine should mainly serve for wood for now.

So I guess the only option would be XZ plate milled at some local CNC shop… :confused:

Where are you located? Under terms of the license you aren’t supposed to pay another shop to do it when you can buy them made from @vicious1 . Getting them made by someone else needs his blessing. If you are in the US I doubt you can get them made cheaper than he sells them. If you are beyond then usually he understands the shipping cost and all.

I am based in the EU. And indeed, i’d order it from Ryan without hesitation. But the costs connected to sourcing it from the US would be prohibitive.

Totally understand and he does too. But that blessing can only come from him. Its still 5:30 in the morning where he is, so I am sure he will be along when he gets up and moving lol. I tagged him in it so he will see it.

Didn’t know about this. I thought its meant only when one would be doing it for commercial purposes and reselling it. And can’t imagine each person requesting this individually and @vicious1 having to reply.

But if that’s the case, I indeed respect that fully and would wanna know how to move forward from here. :slight_smile:


When you sent his file to another business to have them cut it, and pay for them to do so, that makes it commercial. I am sure it happens all the time and nothing is ever said. But it is the right thing to do. Ryan puts a TON of work into these machines and shares them with everyone for free. The only money he makes is when you buy parts from him. So when you take that file and pay someone else you are taking money out of his pocket and putting it in someone else who didn’t do all of the work to make the file.

I assure you Ryan is extremely understanding of the shipping cost, that is why he makes it self source and has the printed parts to do like @Bartman and make your own.

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Thanks for mentioning that JJ.

Ivan, feel free to have one set cut. Please share with us the price you are quoted.

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And nowhere am I disputing any of what you said. :slight_smile: I am 100% aware of what this project entails.

I am very aware of how much work must this project entail. :slight_smile: But thank you for saying that.

Thank you Ryan and will let you know!


I hope I didn’t come across as negative. If so my apologies. It was still early and I wasn’t all the way awake yet LOL


I didn’t read it that way.

I also jump in from time to time to remind folks about the license. Nothing wrong with respecting a creator’s license.

When we’re all respectful of each other it usually always works out well, as it appears to have in this case as well.