Limit Switches Not Working

Hello everyone

I’m working on a big scale 3d printer. Print area dimensions are 1000x1000x1000 mm.
Control Board: MKS Gen L V1.0 and Steppers are nema23. So i have used external driver (tb6560).

Let’s tal about my problem now :slight_smile:

I’m using basic limit switches (emas mk1 series) for homing in all axis.

When I send m119 via pronterface all things are normal. I see open and trigerred message.

Motors does not stop when the hit limit switches.

Did you check if you have the right switch connected to the right axis?

Yes all directions and axis are true. I see the open and triggerred value in pronterface. I hit the switch when motor run in axis (plus and minus), motor not stop.

If connections are wrong, pronterface not show open/trigerred as i think

Just for process of elimination you could try manually triggering all the other end stops when a given motor is in motion to see if any of the other switches will stop the motor. If one does it would mean that you don’t have the right switches matched with the right motors. I’m not familiar with your board so I can’t really give advice there. But this process of elimination is the only thing I can think of to check.

PS that’s a huge build volume!!! Post video!!

Just to be clear, you 1) you are running Marlin, and 2) you are triggering the switches during a homing (G28) sequence? I know the V1 maintained Marlin firmware reads the switches only during a homing sequence, and I’m not sure Marlin can be configured for hard stops. It can be configured for soft stops, but they require the machine to be correctly homed before they will be active.