Limit switches not working anymore on MKS 1.4

Hi there,

Got some trouble with the Limit switches on my MP3DP.

The strange thing is, that I had it working on a first test 2-3 weeks ago, then put it aside as I was still waiting for parts to arrive. Unfortunately I can’t recall which firmware I used. So my guess is that it must be some setting(s) in the firmware.

The limit switches are NC-wired, when I send the M119 command they report x_min: open, or triggered when actuated. Same goes for the Y and Z axis. I assume this is correct, or not??

I tried some different firmware(s), but didn’t get any closer , for the moment I’m on the MP3DP_Ramps_16T_MK, the only changes I did was reversing X & Y axis that movements correspond with Pronterface and the Dual Z axis.

I tried already to change rotation in the firmware or by wiring, it does absolutely nothing. I added the two config files if that might help, as I had it working I’m pretty sure it’s a minor thing, but I’m to stupid to figure it out. Hope someone can help to lead me on the right path.

What’s not working? Is it driving the wrong way or crashing into the switch?

If M119 is right (and it looks like it is). If you do a manual movement before doing a homing, are they going in the right direction (away from the switches)?

Yes, all axis are moving in the right direction, it’s just that the limit switches do absolutely nothing, doesn’t matter in which direction the axis is moving. I tried that already to change the direction either by wiring and/or in the firmware, the limit switches do nothing.


They do nothing, like it runs into them and doesn’t stop running?

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Yes, same on all 3 axis.



During a g28? The are not on any other time.

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That’s it, probably it was working all the time.

G28 is working fine, I tried movements on Pronterface, not knowing that the switches are bypassed.

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