Lightburn photos laser problem

i have the skr pro 1.2 dual LR 2209 lates firmware install and trying to used laser for photos engraving on tiled using NWT method and lightburn software !
i must have a problem whit my firmware bad setting or my lightburn bad settind
i lightburn there is 3 way to set the marlin laser control commands M106/M107 M03/M05 and Inline !
when i used inline i have good print time but bad print process it make lines on photo printing at 318DPI and when i used M03/M05 the print is better but mutch longer the laser seems to do 1 command at the time it is verry slow
i am trying to print in lightburn stucki and jarvis method is it compatible whit marlin ?

Can you attach a image of the output of your attempt with inline commands plus the first 100 lines of the g-code file used?

it print good but it make vertical lines i check everiting and everiting is good on the machine

  • Are your lines light or dark?
  • Are they parallel or perpendicular to the direction the laser travels?
  • Are they regular or random?
  • What feedrate are you using?

im doing a test whit it now i will send picture later of all my setup and result